lovely one night stand

Posted: Maret 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

let me sing u a waltz…
out of nowhere, out of my thoughts
let me sing you a waltz…
about this one night stand

you are for me…that night
everything i always dreamt of in life…
but now you’re gone…you are far gone
all the way to your island of rain

it was for you just a one night thing…
but you were much more to me
just so you know
i don’t care what they say

i know what you meant for me that day
i just wanted another try
i just wanted another night
even if it doesn’t seem quite night…

you meant for me much more
than anyone i’ve met before
one single night with you…
it worth a thousand with anybody

i have no bitterness my sweat
i’ll never forget this one night thing
even tomorrow in other arms
my heart will stay yours till i die

let me sing a waltz about this lovely one night stand….


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